Electric motor Enertech (Australia)

3-phase electronic sound Enertech ESC (Australia) stages proliferate according to IEC 60034 and IEC 60072 standards
- Work from 0.37 kw 500 kw
- Our hardware: hardware (B3), rewards (B5), software (B14A, B14B), software and software (B4).
- Phone can sit 4 seats, follow the 90o line
- 380V 50Hz header voltage, Charge and phone of Vietnam.
- Software and electronic software
- take down and work together (TEFC) according to IC411 of IEC 60034-6.
- IP55 protection cable (IEC 60034 - 5). Maximum with IP56, IPV and IP66 targets, available upon request.
- The power of your event can be denied -20oC, 50oC.
- Your hardware
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